of elements of overhead contact line for railway, tram and trolleybus transport


Our Offer

Assembly and Installation Works 

The company Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. has been specializing in assembly and installation of fixed overhead contact line equipment for railway (both conventional and high-speed) and city public transportation (metro, trams, trolleybuses, electrical buses) for more than 68 years. Assembly and installation of fixed overhead contact line equipment are usually performed as turn-key delivery or as a delivery of a partial sub-system, e.g.  overhead contact line, traction substation, remote control system, etc. All activities related to installation are subject to ISO Quality Management System.


Production activities of Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. are aimed mainly at  the manufacture of components for  fixed overhead contact line equipment.  The production is divided into two main areas – production of steel constructions and electrotechnical production.  The production of „large“ steel constructions (traction supports, portals, signal brackets, cantilevers, bridges, etc.) is ensured at the production centre in Vlkov u Tišnova. The production of „smaller“ steel constructions ( overhead contact line components, switchboards, etc.) and electrotechnical production is then ensured at the production centre in Česká Třebová.

Technical Development

For more than 68 years Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. have guaranteed the technical quality and proficiency of their products and solutions in the field of fixed overhead contact line equipment.  This is based on own development capacity, which deals with the design, construction and testing of new components for fixed overhead contact line equipment. The development activities follow the customer’s experiences, standard changes and  the findings of applied science and research.

Accredited Testing Laboratory

The Company’s testing laboratory has been accredited according to  ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard for testing of armatures and elements of overhead contact line  for railway, tram and trolleybus lines, as well as for outdoor lines. The Laboratory serves mainly for testing of the Company’s own products but it is also possible to test the products of other companies here. All tests are carefully recorded and provided with accredited protocols in accordance with the methodics of the respective standards.

Service of Railway Electric Equipment

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. provides service for all parts of fixed overhead contact line equipment for all railway infrastructure owners, infrastructure operators and our customers (also former and future).   For all subsystems (overhead contact line, power supply stations, remote control systems) we offer regular or periodical service works incl. modernization of such equipment.  Further we offer services for the case of emergency or failure with guaranteed terms for failure remedy. The Company is fully equipped with all mechanization and diagnostic systems.

 Lease of Mobile Traction Substations

Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. manufacture mobile traction rectifier substations and also offer them for lease to our customers. The lease of a mobile traction substation includes, apart from the traction substation itself placed e.g. into a steel container, also  its transport (rail or road) to the site, installation, launching into operation, service and operation incl. training of personnel at the site.   We will assure also a design documentation for the use of a mobile traction substation in the case of a reconstruction of morally and technically old  power supply stations.