The Company´s History 


Electrification of the first standard-gauge railway line within the territory of the present-day Czech Republic – from Tábor to Bechyně, as designed by František Křižík


Electrification of railway stations in Prague, using overhead contact line and railway power supply system by AEG, Brown-Boveri, ČKD, Škoda, and Křižík


Starting electrification of the main railway lines in Czechoslovakia using the 3 kV DC traction system; development of the company’s own overhead contact line equipment starts


Formation of the state enterprise Elektrizace železnic Praha – as a monopoly supplier of overhead contact lines to the Czechoslovak Railways (ČSD) for the next nearly 40 years; during the period, the company participated in electrification project in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, East Germany, and Yugoslavia


Breakthrough year – the state enterprise was privatized and transformed into a joint-stock company owned by Elektrizace dopravy, spol. s r.o. and the State Property Fund


Elektrizace dopravy, spol. s r.o. becomes the sole owner of the company


Shares in Elektrizace dopravy, spol. s r.o. sold to EP Industries, a.s.; EP Industries a.s. acquired 100% share, thus becoming the majority shareholder/owner of Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.


Leader in the assembly and installation of fixed traction equipment for railways (conventional and high-speed)