Technological Systems

Complete deliveries and installations, reconstruction and maintenance:

  • Traction switching stations and converter stations for 3 kV DC systems including 110 kV, 22 kV, 6 kV AC switching stations, and control systems
  • Traction switching stations and transformer stations for 25 kV AC systems including 110 kV switching stations, filter-compensation equipment and control systems
  • Traction converter stations for city public transportation 600 V / 750 V DC systems
  • Cabinet-type switchgear and control-gear assemblies designed and made by the company for 3 kV DC, 600 V / 750 V DC and 25 kV AC systems
  • Outdoor as well as indoor types of VHV, HV, and LV distribution transformer stations
  • Cubicle-type and cabinet-type as well as SF 6 gas-insulated HV switching stations
  • LV switchgear and control-gear assemblies including compensation equipment
  • Electrical pre-heating equipment for railway vehicles and wagons
  • Electric heating of switches
  • Motor drives and disconnectors
  • Remote control systems
  • Electric heating of city public transportation platforms

Contact persons

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