Components of Overhead Contact Line (OCL)

Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. has been a manufacturer of OCL components for more than 60 years.  The production program of the components is divided, acc. to the intended usage, to railway and public transport components. The overview of the manufactured items is shown in the catalogue. The application of the components is described in the assemblies of overhead contact line for railway or in the assemblies of OCL for public transport. All components produced by our company undergo various levels of inspections, which correspond with the integrated quality control system. The manufacture is realized in the Company’s production centre in Česká Třebová, where also the central store is located.

Overview of the Manufactured OCL Components

  • components for power supply and current line (catalogue groups A, B)
  • components for reinforcement feeder and by-pass feeder (catalogue group  C)
  • insulation components, insulators, over-voltage limiters (catalogue groups D, E)
  • components for OCL parts pre-assembly (catalogue group F)
  • electrotechnic components, protection and safety items (catalogue groups G, H)
  • anchoring and universal components, conductors, wires, ropes (catalogue groups K, L)
  • components for fiber optic cables, lighting (catalogue group M)
  • components for tensioning, anchoring, draw bars, connectors, u-bolts, anchors and beams (catalogue groups N, P, R)
  • components for connecting, bolts (catalogue group S)
  • components for contact wire lines (catalogue group T)
  • components for fixed anchoring, longitudinal, crosswise and suspensions (catalogue group U, V)
  • OCL tools (catalogue group W)
  • OCL masts and steel constructions (catalogue group Z)

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