Technical Development and Engineering

Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. manufactures a wide range of products for application in fixed overhead contact line equipment  for railway and public transport. To make our products competitive we pay attention to their design and development considering the state of technics, environment and requirements of our customers.  Last but not least, we are interested in the life cycle and economic efficiency in service of the products and equipment delivered by us.

Development Activities

  • Design of construction components and assemblies of overhead contact line, digital models (3D CAD/CAM)
  • Static calculations of constructions and simulations of overhead contact line  behaviour
  • Mechanic tests of components and constructions at our own accredited testing laboratory
  • Development of new components of fixed overhead contact line equipment for railway, trams and trolleybuses
  • Preparation of studies, expert statements and technical proposals
  • Design and construction of LV and HV cubical switchboards for traction power supply stations
  • Design and construction of HV converters (controlled and uncontrolled) for traction power supply stations
  • Design of control systems (local control systems, remote control systems) for traction power supply stations
  • Electric tests of devices and switchboards at our own testing laboratory acc. to EN standards – routine and type tests
  • Testing and analyses of electric parameters of electric equipment in service ( short-circuit tests, measuring of contact voltage, quality of electricity consumption, etc.)

Contact persons

Václav Boček –
Štěpán Křtěnský –