Service of railway electric equipment

Service of railway electrical equipment includes the following activities:

  • post-warranty repairs of electrical equipment manufactured by Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.
  • post-warranty repairs of electrical equipment installed by Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s
  • maintenance of railway electrical equipment, i.e. specified electrical technical equipment, (UTZ/E) and designated  electrical technical equipment (VTZ/E), acc. to SŽDC E500 directive

Service of railway electric equipment areas:

Overhead Contact Line (OCL)

Contact wires, messenger wires, auxiliary wires, feeders, droppers, aerial power lines, insulators, support and suspension constructiona, section insulators, section disconnectors, motor drives of section disconnectors incl. control elements, breakdown fuses, overvoltage arresters, connection to rail and optical cables.

Traction power supply stations (TNS), switching stations (SpS), mobile traction power supply stations (PTNS), electrical pre-heating equipment (EPZ) and power supply of interlocking equipment (NZZ)

Substations AC 110 kV, 35 kV, 25 kV, 22 kV, 6 kV and 400 V, substations DC 3 kV, 1,5 kV,  750 V a 600 V. Self consumption cubicles, monitoring of consumption of electric energy, DC 3 kV and AC 25 kV feeders, traction rectifiers, traction transformers, filtration-compensation equipment and controllers of light indicators of the „Pantograph down“ sign.   Including service of programmable automats (PLC), software (SW) and protection setting.

High Voltage Electric Equipment (SEZ)

Electric heating of switches (EOV), lighting of indoor and outdoor railway areas, high and low voltage equipment, distribution and transformer stations, rotating and non-rotating electric machines, electric appliances, electric energy backup sources, cable distributions of high and low voltage, converter stations, lightning protections and other equipment. Incl. the service of programmable automats (PLC), software (SW) and protections setting.

Remote Control Technology (DŘT)

Equipment based on programmable automats (PLC), which serves for central and remote control of technological units of  substations, switching stations, converter stations, electric preheating equipment, interlocking equipment, transformer stations and traction section insulators at railway stations; incl.  software (SW). Complete service of dispatcher center (ED) remote control technology.

Qualification of servicemen:

  • professional electrotechnic qualification acc. to the Ministry of Transport Ordinance No. 100/1995 Coll. and to the Czech Authority for Work Safety and Czech Mining Authority No. 50/1978 Sb.
  • health eligibility acc. to the Ordinance No. 101/1995 Sb., based on which Rules for health and professional eligibility at operating of railway and railway transport are issued
  • holders of permit to enter Czech Railway a.s. and  Railway Infrastructure Authority (SŽDC) s.o. premises not open to public (range of permit – whole network of the operated railway roads)
  • all managers incl. foremen are holders of a professional exam certificate F-09 and F-10 acc. to  SŽDC Guideline No. 50 „Requirements for professional qualification of suppliers for activities on railway operated by SŽDC s.o.“

Employees performing service on railway electric equipment use all the special technical equipment necessary for maintenance and repairs of such devices  –  special multi-purpose engines, rail cranes, service SW and HW, measuring car, etc.


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