Steel Constructions

Elektrizace železnic Praha a. s. is a producer of steel constructions mainly for OCL on railway and public transport, outdoor HV and VHV distribution stations and for other service and installation equipment within transport (e.g. signal boards, foot bridges, etc.) The overview of the manufactured steel constructions for OCL is shown in the catalogue. The application of the components is described in the assemblies of overhead contact line for railway or in the assemblies of OCL for public transport. All components produced by our company undergo various levels of inspections, which correspond with the integrated quality control system ISO 9001. The manufacture is realized in the Company’s production centre located in Vlkov near Tišnov.

Overview of the Manufactured Steel Constructions

  • lattice and tube OCL masts for railway (max. length 14 m)
  • lattice and tube lighting masts (max. length 25 m)
  • steel constructions of the suspensions of fibre optic cable on OCL masts
  • constructions for lighting on OCL masts
  • steel constructions for public transport OCL
  • atypical steel constructions for investment projects
  • atypical steel constructions for railway, signal foot bridges and signalling cantilevers
  • production of steel constructions for energetics (HV and VHV), masts, support constructions into distribution stations

Contact persons

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