Motor Drive

MPP 2000/200i Motor Drive

Electric MPP 2000/200i motor drive is a device for local, remote, central and manual control of section disconnectors. It is used mainly for railway but it can be used also for public transport and energetics.

The drive is delivered in two basic designs – in a plastic or metal box. The box is lockable by the means of a switchboard lock and it can be mounted on a support construction with the help of 4 M10 bolts. In the box there is a driving mechanism placed together with a connection terminal board and control elements.  The driving part is formed by a three phase asynchronous motor with a short anchorage and an auxiliar capacitor. In the DC design there is a serial commutator motor. The rotor rotations are transferred, by the menas of a gear-box, to the motion bolt with a nut, which is rigidly connected with a telescopic quill. The quill is terminated with a fork, to which the disconnector control drawing system is connected.   In case of need it is possible to manipulate with the drive by the means of a local electric control by a three-position switch, or manually by a crank.

The drive’s characteristics:

  • built-in protection against mechanical overload by the means of adjustable mechanic connector
  • lift  adjustable by terminal switches
  • wide spectrum of supply voltages: AC 230 V or DC 230 V, 110 V, 24 V, 12 V
  • various possibilities of connection by a 3 to 6 core cable, depending on the requirements for local electric control and remote signalling of the drive’s position
  • built-in heating switched by a thermostat assuring functionality at low temperatures
  • door equipped with a terminal switch

Basic technical data:

  • force at draw bar: max. 2 300 N
  • adjusting speed: 20 mm/s
  • max lift: 200 mm
  • drive’s weight: 35 kg
  • working temperature: -25° C to +55° C
  • IP 44 shielding
  • double insulation (only plastic box)