POZ-EŽ Control Panel

POZ-EŽ is a universal controlling LV-switchgear for a central and remote control of section disconnectors of overhead contact line of any power supply system or of a  similar equipment.  Section disconnectors must be equipped with electro-motoric drives type MPP2000/200i.  It is a type product , which has been designed, manufactured and type tested at EŽ Praha a.s.

POZ-EŽ is equipped with a color contact panel enabling the comfortable remote control of the section disconnectors.

POZ-EŽ is delivered, depending on a number of controlled section disconnectors, in variants 8, 16, 24, and 32. The dimensions and weights of the individual variants are stated in the table below.

Type (POZ EŽ)Height x depth x width [mm]Number of controlled disconnectors
POZ 8 EŽ700 x 260 x 4601 ÷ 8
POZ 16 EŽ700 x 360 x 5909 ÷ 16
POZ 24 EŽ700 x 360 x 59017 ÷ 24
POZ 32 EŽ700 x 360 x 59025 ÷ 32

POZ EŽ consists of a thermoplastic distribution board, with a mounting board in the back part and a door in the front part. Behind the transparent door there is a cover board through which a touch panel and „remote“/“centrally“ switch lead.  The touch panel enables controlling outdoor section disconnectors – when switched to „remote“ position it acts as a remote control. In this mode central (dispatching) control of section disconnectors is blocked. Behind the cover board there is a PLC and LV electric equipment.

An integral part of POZ EŽ is also a communication interface  RS 485, or ethernet, for the connection to the superior control system. The data transmission to the superior control system is realized  by a metal or optical cable.  In case of metal a sectioning converter is installed in POZ EŽ.

Communication with the  superior system is possible through the following protocols:

  • EN 60870-5-101 (IEC 60870-5-101)
  • EN 60870-5-104 (IEC 60870-5-104)