Production for Automotive Industry

Production for the company SOR Libchavy

Since 2009 we have been cooperating with the company SOR Libchavy in the area of engineering for automotive industry. We deliver mainly parts for buses and for trolleybuses and electric buses.

For this machine production we technologically assure the following:

  • material cutting (cutting, drilling, pressing)
  • cold metal forming (bending, rolling, pressing)
  • metal working incl. surface treatment
  • welding in protective atmosphere of inert gases – MAG, TIG technology (common steel, stainless material, aluminium)
  • chip machining process (turning, milling)
  • degreasing together with surface pre-treatment by phosphating
  • surface treatment by painting – high pressure paint coating
  • locksmith and electrical installation

We have been producing over 60 various products

Parts for buses:

  • Bellow frame for joint bus
  • Door frame for engine area
  • Towing eye
  • Frame for gas cylinders
  • Gearshift mechanism
  • Break pedal
  • Tensioning pulley of alternator
  • Complete beam

Parts for trolleybuses:

  • Suspension assembled for trolleybus
  • Complete pulley

Parts for electric buses:

  • Container for batteries for electric bus incl. trolleys