091 Vlkov

Centre’s main activities include:

Production of steel structures

Flat lattice masts DS
Tubular masts TS
Tubular masts for public city transportation systems
Lattice masts BP
Crossbars of supporting frame structures of gantries
Special steel structures
Purpose-designed steel structures

Production of lighting towers and masts

Lighting towers up to 22 meters
Lighting masts up to 25 meters
Signal bridges and cantilevers

The following facilities are available for use on the centre’s premises

4 500 m2 production hall area
1 000 m2 indoor storage area
20 200 m2 outdoor storage area
Own railway siding connected to Vlkov railway station.


Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.
091 Vlkov Production Centre, 594 53 Osová Bítýška
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 296 500 910, Fax: +420 566 536 817
E-mail: 091@elzel.cz

Surface treatment of steel structures

Corrosion protection using modern paint systems
Corrosion protection using aluminium metallization (Schoop plating), Zn, Al, Zinacor hot-sprayed coating
Sweeping and duplex spraying of metal zinc-coated materials

Used technologies

Cutting of materials (sheets) using the CNC flame cutting machine
Cleaning of materials by shot blasting with steel chippings or cast steel
Welding – in compliance with the certificate of ČSN EN 73 2601, DIN 18 800-7, ČSN EN 1090-2

Centre’s equipment

Hand-operated hydraulic hole-punching unit Alfra
Column-mounted upright drilling machine Kovosvit MAS
Continuous blast machine Slick
Bridge crane ABUS with a lifting power of 6.3 metric tons
Filter unit of the blasting box and hall – ZEOS
Fork-lift truck DESTA with a capacity of 3.5 metric tons
CNC autogenous flame cutting machine MESSER MULTITHERM
Positioning band sawing machine BAUER for precision cutting of material
Material handling trucks of the hand-operated blasting box
Metallization box for hand-operated metallization
Sheets and flat profiles coiling machine DAVI
Positioning device for connecting of tube-type semi-finished products into T masts