038 OCS Moravia

Centre´s main activities include:

Installation and Modernization of Overhead Traction Line

  • Centre 038 OCS Moravia has three assembly teams which use modern mechanisms for OCS installation, like assembly cages for OCS component installation (the cage is mounted either on a railway crane or on a hydraulic arm of a lorry). The teams work also from assembly platforms or bridges mounted on railway wagons. From these contact wire and other wires are installed or unrolled, the system height is adjusted. A special drive engine with a rotating (360°) platform and a pantograph for measuring stagger and contact wire height is also used.

Concrete Works with the aid of Railway Mixing and Pouring Unit

  • Assembly centre 038 has two sets of railway concrete mixing and pouring units PB 18 to its disposal. One set comprises of an engine, two six-axle gravel wagons, a railway container, a carriage for cement transport and a carriage with a concrete mixing equipment.

Construction of Steel Structures

  • Centre 038 OCS Moravia has five railway cranes ŽDJ 5/3.1 and one PRAGA V3S lorry with a crane platform to its disposal. Each assembly team operates with a railway crane for handling material, working with assembly platform and erecting OCL masts and cross beams. The working train used for masts erection comprises of an engine, a six-axle platform wagon with a crane, several various platform wagons and a carriage with a special assembly platform.
  • Railway Mixing and Pouring Unit
  • Assembly Wagons with Mounting Platforms for OCS component installation
  • Railway Cranes
  • Road Wehicles


Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.
038 Moravia Assembly Centre
Semanínská 922, 560 02 Česká Třebová, Czech republic

Phone: +420 296 500 380 (384, 385), Fax: +420 465 535 985
E-mail: 038@elzel.cz