Converter station Liberec – Dolni Hanychov

Investor: Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce n.N. a.s.

Customer: Dopravní podnik měst Liberce a Jablonce n.N. a.s.

Technical Data, Description:

The newly built converter station is used to power the traction tram network. The converter station is designed as a two-unit with longitudinal division, 35 kV input distribution switchroom, two 2×1250 kVA traction transformers, rectifiers (2pcs 12-pulse) and DC feeders (6 + 1 fields) with quick-disconnect switches. The self-consumption is connected to the secondary winding of the traction transformers compared to the standard distribution connection.

The remote control is realized by the TECO system connected to the central control room DpmLJ.

The DC technology consists of the type series of power supply devices for public transport produced by Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s.

Total Investment cost:  CZK ,-  (excl. VAT)

Realized in: 2004