Converter station no.5 for overhead contact line, ending loop „Cihelna“ of public transportation, Hradec Králové

Investor: Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.

Customer: Dopravní podnik města Hradce Králové, a.s.

Technical Data, Description:

The converter station serves for supplying trolleybus traction lines and for charging eletric buses. The construction included the delivery of the building in the container design and the technological part, as well as minor modifications to the traction line and for SOR Libchavy s.r.o. mounting three power racks for charging electric buses.

At the input of the converter station is a distribution part containing the measurement of the distributor and a traction transformer with the conversion of 37 / 0.525 kV. This is followed by a DC part containing a traction rectifier with a DC trolleybus switchboard. The switchboard consists of three feeders, the first feeder is used for supplying the trolleybus line, the second feeder is used to power the battery chargers of the electric buses and the third feeder is reserve and can be connected via the auxiliary busbar instead of the feeder 1 or feeder. 2. The actual feeder is designed as a two-pole and its equipment consists of a quick switch, a two-pole motor disconnector, a motor disconnector of the auxiliary busbar and 2 + 2 cable manual disconnectors. Due to the dimension demands on the size of the converter station and small power consumption, the concept of the self-consumption transformer is not standardly connected by primary winding to the distribution but only to the secondary winding of the traction transformer. The converter station can be controlled remotely from the traffic control center or locally.

Total Investment cost:  CZK 13 390 405,15 (excl. VAT)

Realized in: 8/2018 – 12/2018