Extension of trolleybus tracks Trnová – Ohrazenice and Pardubičky – Zámeček, Pardubice

Investor: Dopravní podnik města Pardubic, a.s.

Customer: Dopravní podnik města Pardubic, a.s.

Technical Data, Description:

New sections of trolleybus tracks were built to replace bus lines from Pardubičky to new end station Zámeček (2100 m) and from Trnová to Ohrazenice (4600 m). The overhead contact line is simple, flexible and uncompensated, with a 100 mm2 Cu contact wire. In the Pardubičky – Zámeček line is installed short-circuit approacher.

At the same time, it was necessary to increase the performance of the convert station, to reconstruct public lighting and to realize small objects related to the construction.

Total Investment cost:  CZK 41 101 111,20 (excl. VAT)

Realized in: 7/2017 – 2/2018