Reconstruction of R110kV and T110kV Traction Converter Station Pečky

Client: SŽDC, s.o., Stavební správa západ

Investor: SŽDC, s.o., Stavební správa západ

Technical data, description:

Complete reconstruction of the 110 kV, 50 Hz substation technology, two transformers 110/23 kV, 50 Hz with output of 16 MVA were newly installed, together with gas-insulated switchgear 22 kV, 50 Hz (cabinet). The 22 kV, 50 Hz substation ensures power supply for the 6 kV, 50 Hz substation – power supply of security equipment. The 3 kV DC section for the supply of overhead contact lines of the railway corridor consists of three rectifiers (cabinet design) on slide-out carts. The project also included testing and commissioning. Furthermore, the project also included detail design project documentation and as-built documentation The project documentation of the traction converter station reconstruction addressed overall reconstruction of the converter station – from connection to the power grid 110 kV AC to the connection of 3 kV DC overhead contact system, including temporary power supply for the period of the reconstruction, and also including the connection of the traction converter station to open track. The submitted documentation was prepared in AutoCAD; in the course of the project preparation, special simulation/calculation software (used within the Railway Infrastructure Administration) was used to verify the power supply system.

Total investment costs: CZK 177 962 926 (excl. VAT)

Realization date: I/2012 – IV/2014